About Pastor Stark
Pastor James & Christine Stark

Pastor James Stark and his family have been part of the Calvary Church Family since the fall of 1992. Pastor and Sister Stark are both products of the Appalachian foothills of Eastern Ohio. Before coming to Columbus, the Stark family made their home in Harrison County where Pastor served churches in Jewett and also in Bridgeport in neighboring Belmont County.

Pastor Stark is a preacher by vocation and a farmer by avocation. While he doesn’t get to do much farming in the city, his farm boy roots do seem to come out in his preaching. Until he was in fifth grade, he lived with his maternal grandparents, Pastor J. Harper & Lottie Rose. Life in the Rose household, marked by extensive prayer and fasting, made an indelible mark on Pastor’s young life. He is a graduate of Linsly Military Institute, Ohio University, and Jackson College of Ministries. After JCM, he did missions work in Korea for a short time, and returned to the U.S. where he travelled as an evangelist until 1977 when he married Christine. They have three children and two “great” grandchildren.

In March of 1993, on the morning of Calvary’s first annual World Missions Conference, God made Pastor this promise; if you’ll reach for the world, I’ll give you this city. That Sunday morning, as the church family renewed its commitment to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world, God began to do His part. Pastor was already heavily involved in the cause of Foreign Missions, but a new door opened when International Evangelist Billy Cole invited him to travel with him to Ethiopia. Over a period of eight years, they saw hundreds of thousands of people receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and witnessed a repetition of every miracle recorded in the Book of Acts. The passion to reach the world has not diminished, and God is still keeping His Word – all Columbus will hear the Gospel.